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SData 2.0

SData is the short form of 'Sage Data', the HTTP-based communication protocol used by many Sage product APIs and integrations.

SData is a web protocol that:

SData 2.0 - an outlook on the upcoming release

We are currently working on the next major version of SData that brings a number of technical additions while maintaining compatibility with the existing 1.1 standard. This means that the current 1.1 specification remains valid - the 2.0 information complements and amends the existing.

The documents previewing the 2.0 release are located in a freely accessible area of our GitHub presence. Please visit us on to view this information and discover more components developed over time by the SData community.

SData 1.1

SData 1.1 is the currently released version of the standard. As SData 2.0 maintains backward compatibility with the 1.1 version, you may want to visit and review that information under the following links: